How To Work Out Your Victoria Police (ACER) Exam Score


Need some help understanding your Victoria Police exam results?

Given some of the exam results do not show a specific number of correct answers out of a total number of questions, it can be a little confusing to work out whether you have achieved a competitive score.

Let me help you with that 🙂

Video Transcription

00:00 – Hey guys, Russ here, let’s have a look at the scoring system now for our Victoria police applicants. And it’s similar for Queensland and AFP as well, but we’ve got some results here from one of our Vic poll applicants who recently sat their exam and was suitable to proceed, which is fantastic. That’s a pass mark. And then, some for this applicant, as you’ll see, as we go through the results here. Now, just really quickly, this can be confusing here. Literacy skills, 111+, what the hell does that mean? Numeracy, 111+, and now, digital literacy, 107+. Now, those scores are based on the Australian core skills framework. Now, there’s some information on this page to go into that in much more detail, if you want to investigate that further. But recently this component here, the digital literacy changed from computer skills to digital literacy. Now, when ‘computer skills’ was thrown in the bin and digital literacy was introduced, this scoring system changed as well.

00:55 – So instead of just needing, for example, 16 out of 20, now we need to get 107 based on the Australian core skills framework, scoring method. If you’re not familiar with that, really quickly, it’s a range between 40 and 170. Now, if we are talking about digital literacy, someone who scored 40 ish, it probably means they’re able to turn a computer on and probably can turn it off again, but can’t do much more than that with it. Someone who’s scoring 165 to 170 is an absolute whizz, could probably programme the computer to make them a coffee and wash the dishes. We don’t need cops to be whizzes with computers, but they have to be a little more sophisticated than just pressing the on/off button. In fact, they need to be at a level of around about 107. Okay? So that 107 indicates the type of knowledge, the type of literacy around digital skills that they need to have.

01:51 – And the types of questions you’ll obviously experience that in the exam. But if you’re a Mac user, you might find a lot of the questions, Microsoft products based. So that can be an extra challenge for someone who is not really familiar with Microsoft products but uses Mac as I do. Pretty challenging for people in that position. But, you do your preparation, you do your research accordingly. Okay, so let’s keep moving. So that’s the scoring system in a nutshell. And now what we need to do is to look at the past marks at the top here. And we also want to work out what the maximum score we can get is. Now we know that the range was from 40 to 170. So, the maximum score we can get here is 170. The maximum for numeracy is also 170 as it is for digital literacy.

02:40 – The Australian core skills framework, scoring system will range from 40 to 170. Okay. So they’re… Let me just circle those so they stand out a little bit. So there’s the maximum score that we can obtain for those three sections. And then it states it right here for us, 14 of 20, out of 20, out of 34, out of 45 and out of 20. So all we need to do now is add up all of those. So 170, 20, 20, 34, 45, 170, 20, and 170. When we do that, we end up with a number of 649. Okay. So 649 is the maximum score you can get. Or, as some people like to say, the exam is out of a 100, sorry, out of 649. So let’s go down to the next level now, which is our member’s scores here, the applicant score. And all we simply do here is we add up these numbers because this member got 145 out of 170, 19 out of 120, 18 out of 20, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.




03:41 – Okay. 125 out of a possible 170. That’s a really good score. And when we add all those together, we get 513, okay. 513, which is a really good score. Now, to convert that into a percentage, we divide 513 by 649. And then we need to multiply by 100. When we do that, we’re going to end up with a really good score of 79%. Okay. 79% is a really solid score. Anything around that 80% mark for an entrance exam is very, very competitive and has been considered competitive for a long time. Yeah. Don’t panic if you’re not near that range, if you can see this on your report, fantastic. You can always try to make up ground on the other stages of the application process. Some people might be academically brilliant and maybe not so strong in other areas. And vice versa. You may have only just passed the exam, we’ll take it!

04:35 – You may be strong in other areas like interviews, for example. So, keep in mind that no longer is the exam worth half of your final applicant score like it used to be some years ago. The other half was made up of your panel interview. And that was it. Those two components made all the difference.

Now, there’s a much more complex matrix where basically everything is considered when putting together your final applicant score. So don’t panic if you haven’t got around the 80%, but if you have, like this applicant, absolutely fantastic result, that’s a great way to get your application started. All right. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. There’s some other information on this page. If you want to dig into the Australian core skills framework a little bit deeper and get a better understanding of how all of that works, but hopefully that explains it for you to a level that you can understand what you need to do to work out your score. All right, guys, I’ll talk to you again soon.

Hope you found that helpful. If you have any questions you can always reach out and contact me.

For our Victoria police applicants, we’ve created a free course where you can find out everything you need to know about the Victoria Police Entrance Exam  I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks again for joining me and until the next time, keep your foot on the gas and good luck with your police application.

Additional Resources

To Work Out Your Final Exam Score Percentage:
Total up your raw scores, then divide that score by 649 (VicPol Exam Raw Total), then x 100.

More About the Australian Core Skills Framework

Acer Core Skills Profile For Adults


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Russell Kempster

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