Victoria Police updates their application process (Feb 2023)


Victoria Police have taken steps to help streamline the application for those wishing to join Victoria Police.

An applicant pack is now sent to applicants prior to passing the entrance exam. In the past, you did not receive the applicant pack until successfully passed the exam. Receiving this early gives you time to complete it and then return it in a timely manner after passing the exam.

After passing the entrance exam you’ll now be sent a medical booklet which you can start filling out prior to reaching the medical assessment stage of the application process. Completing the medical booklet can take significant time, particularly if you have a medical history which includes taking medication or experiencing serious injuries or surgery.

The psychological screening is no longer done in person on the same day as the fitness test, instead, an online test is done from home before being eligible to advance to the fitness testing stage.

The rest of the Victoria Police application remains unchanged.

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