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Prime Motion Training was started by Russell Kempster in 2006 while he was an instructor at the Victoria Police Academy as a part-time venture. It wasn’t long though before word got out and he was in high demand. He made a tough decision to leave the job he loved doing as an instructor so he could help others to gain access to a career that served him so well for more than 14 years.


Russell has been involved in the fitness industry since 1988 when he first started teaching karate classes. In 1994 he won the Australian Open Karate Championships, placed second at the Oceania Karate Championships and won a gold and silver medal at the World (WSKU) Karate Championships in Japan.

He has had a keen interest in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years and was able to utilise his background and skills as a defensive tactics instructor at the police academy. 


Russ spent 14 years as a police officer with Victoria Police. The last four years of that time were spent at the Victoria Police Academy as a physical skills instructor, where he taught everything from fitness to firearms.

He has trained police applicants, as well as recruits undergoing their initial training, experienced serving police officers and was even called on by Victoria Police to help train other would-be police academy instructors.


Russell is passionate about helping his clients achieve their dream of becoming police officers. Just speak to anybody that has trained with him and you will see just how much additional advice, guidance and help he gives and his passion is pretty clear for all to see.

Although Prime Motion Training specialises in helping police applicants, Russell’s advice and mentoring don’t stop once you get into the academy as many past members continue to call on him during their academy training for extra help. This is a testament to his experience, expertise, and passion for what he does.

In The Media

From time to time, Russ is called on by media organisations for his expert comments on police related stories.

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Russell was asked for his thoughts about adjusting the fitness test for applicants.

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Russell was asked for his thoughts about the number of police applications.

3AW Radio Breakfast

Russ discussed the fitness testing and changing age of police applicants.


Russell Kempster

Founder of Prime Motion Training & Former Police Academy Instructor

Russell is passionate about helping people to achieve their dream of becoming a police officer. He was a police officer himself for 14 years and spent 4 years as an instructor at the Victoria Police Academy where he was involved in applicant testing, training new recruits and delivering refresher and advanced courses to experienced police officers in subjects ranging in everything from fitness to firearms.

Since 2006 Russell has been helping police applicants to achieve their dream and would be an asset to anyone taking their police application preparation seriously.

If you’re truly serious about a career in policing, becoming a member and taking this program could be the best thing you do!

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Why did Russ leave the Police Force?

Russ answers a common question he’s asked about why he left the police force, the answer may surprise you.