Queensland Police Service move to ACER for recruitment exam assessment


Queensland Police Recruiting no longer require QPS applicants to take the Wonderlic Test. Since late 2020 the Entrance Assessment Test, which is conducted by Australian Council for Educational Research on Queensland Police’s behalf, has replaced the previous exam testing process. QPS applicants can now expect to sit the following components as part of the Entrance Assessment Test:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Reasoning (abstract)
  • Written Assessment
  • Digital Literacy

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G’day, Russell here from Prime Motion Training.

If you’re interested in applying to join Queensland Police, you may be aware that at the end of 2020, their entrance examination process underwent some changes.

You might be familiar with the Wonderlic Assessment, which was an online test that applicants would take. If you were successful at passing that, you would then do a supervised exam.

Well, QPS has decided to follow suit with organisations like Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police, and they’ve now handed their entrance exam assessments to the Australian Council of Education Research, or ACER, who now conduct the exams on Queensland Police’s behalf.

If you have look on their website, you’ll see that there is some applicant testing, QPS entrance assessment testing, which is basically our entrance exam. So there’s no longer a requirement to undergo the Wonderlic Assessment or a supervised exam. Instead, those things and are replaced with the ACER entrance assessment testing.

So here are the components that you will need to sit in order to pass the Queensland Police Entrance Assessment Test. And, as always with our courses to help police applicants achieve their dream of becoming police offices, we help them to pass their entrance exams.

So if we go into our Queensland Police courses, those various elements that are required to pass the ACER exam are covered here in our courses.

You’ll need to do reasoning, which is predominantly abstract reasoning. So if we go back to here, they talk about reasoning ability. The majority of that component is actually abstract or visual reasoning. There’s also literacy skills that are assessed, numeracy skills, and there is a written assessment or a writing task that you need to complete as well.

If you have a look on the ACER website, you’ll find there is a QPS entrance assessment candidate booklet, which is very, very helpful. So I’ll put a link on this blog post here somewhere so you can access that.

But if you are applying for QPS, then it’s really important that you familiarise yourself with this document and bring yourself up to speed with the requirements for the QPS entrance assessment.

If you need some help to prepare for it and some advice to help you get through the assessment and get a good strong score, then, of course, we’d love to help you.

All right, well, I look forward to seeing you in our membership area if you decide to join us.

Otherwise, good luck with your application for QPS.

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Russell Kempster

Russell Kempster

Russ spent 12 years as a police officer with Victoria Police. The last four years of that time was spent at the Victoria Police Academy as an instructor, where he taught everything from fitness to firearms. He has trained police applicants, as well as recruits undergoing their initial training, experienced serving police officers and was even called on by Victoria Police to help train other would-be police academy instructors.

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