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South Australia Police Applicant IQ Test Training

IQ testing typically involves reasoning and logical deduction questions, with a focus on verbal and abstract formats, to assess game based problem-solving ability.

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Are You Prepared For The South Australia Police Personality Profiling and IQ Test?

Personality Profiling

If you’re a police applicant, I’m sure you’re not surprised that personality profiling forms part of the application process. The testing is often referred to as psychometric testing and is standard for all police organisations around Australia.

We provide explanations and resources for applicants to better understand what to expect when undergoing the South Australia Police personality profile assessment.

Of course, the rule of thumb with any psychometric testing starts with being open and honest. Remember it’s a profile assessment, not a test, so you don’t need to learn or remember anything. There is, however, some “nice to know” information to help you better understand what you’re in for and to understand where some applicants can be their own worst enemies in psychometric testing.

IQ Testing

South Australia Police applicants are required to undergo an IQ test as part of the SAPOL application process.

The IQ test is designed to assess an applicant’s ability to solve problems. Some might say a high IQ score indicates an applicants ability to show flexibility and the ability to approach problems with an open mind, be willing to “think outside the box” in order to come up with solutions, these are very desirable skills for those wanting to work in a policing environment.

IQ tests involve problem-solving questions that are time-based. Typically the type of questions police applicants need to solve are reasoning based, that is, you will be given some information, but you will need to reason, make logical deductions, and assess the probability of different outcomes in order to solve the problem.

Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Cognify Game-Based Testing

The type of questions you can expect in your South Australia Police IQ Test is both verbal, i.e. word-based problems, and, abstract, i.e visual problems. Abstract reasoning questions are typically shapes and pattern problems/puzzles, that need to be solved. Recent changes to the South Australia Police IQ Testing now includes game-based problem-solving challenges.

Course List

Sample Videos

IQ Test – Verbal Reasoning

IQ Test – Abstract Reasoning

IQ Test – Cognify Proofit

IQ Test – Cognify Gridlock

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Russell Kempster

Founder of Prime Motion Training & Former Police Academy Instructor

Russell is passionate about helping people to achieve their dream of becoming a police officer. He was a police officer himself for 12 years and spent 4 years as an instructor at the Victoria Police Academy where he was involved in applicant testing, training new recruits and delivering refresher and advanced courses to experienced police officers in subjects ranging in everything from fitness to firearms.

Since 2006 Russell has helped more than 4,000+ police applicants to achieve their dream and would be an asset to anyone taking their police application preparation seriously.

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