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If you'd like to work with me privately and have me mentor you through every step in the police application, the VIP Program might be for you!

What is the VIP Program?

The VIP Program is an opportunity to have me (Russell) personally mentor you throughout the entire police application process. I will look over your shoulder and guide you and coach you through every step in the application process. 

Private Coaching Numbers

We’re currently helping almost 400 Victoria Police applicants through our Membership Program, which is very demanding and time-consuming. This leaves only a very small amount of space for private coaching.

I am adamant I won’t take on applicants for the VIP program just because they might be able to afford it. I will work with applicants where I think I can have the greatest impact.

What you get

You will have full access to all training programs in the members site as well as:

  • We start with an initial one-on-one private “Kick Off” video conference call session
  • You’ll have direct access to me for personal email support and phone where necessary

In addition to the above, I will review and provide feedback for your:

  • Online application before you submit it
  • 3 Exam summary writing tasks 
  • 3 Exam extended writing tasks 
  • 3 Exam oral communication tasks
  • Practice video interview
  • Psych interview preparation (45 min one to one video conferencing coaching call)
  • Panel interview preparation (45 min one to one video conferencing coaching call)

Important: It’s important to understand that the VIP program is not personal exam tutoring, the entrance exam video tutorial lessons are very comprehensive, instead I will look over your shoulder at every step of the journey to guide you and coach you, making sure we’re doing all the right things, the right way at the right time.

The VIP Program is now available by application

Here are some things you need to know before applying

  • There is no time limit to the program. This is not a 6 or 12 month program, I will mentor you until we get an offer!*
  • You must have an active application or be ready to submit your application within 2 months of commencing the VIP program
  • * This program applies to one active application. However, if for any reason your application is stopped, cancelled or your personal circumstances change and you choose not to continue your application, you can suspend, then reactivate your VIP Program Membership once
  • If you reactivate your VIP Program after suspending it, there will be a nominal fee of $99 payable. You will then be given the very next spot (you jump the queue) when it becomes open should you decide to re-apply to join Victoria Police within 2 years. Beyond 2 years, if you have not reapplied, the VIP Program is void
  • – If your VIP program is suspended you will no longer have access to the training, community or support until you reactivate
  • – If you wish, you can choose to switch to a regular paid membership until you’re ready to reactive your VIP program
  • You will get both small group coaching and personalised 1 to 1 mentoring
  • We meet regularly (usually every couple of months) for small group online VIP coaching via video conferencing
  • You can access Prime Motion Training resources and private members group from any normal web browser via a computer, iPhone or Android device
  • There is a video questionnaire application process which allows me to assess your suitability for the program
  • As mentioned already, I don’t want to take on any applicant who might be fortunate enough to be able to afford this level of help. We could potentially be working together for a year or more, we need to be able to work closely together! And, I want to know that I’m working with an applicant that I can make a significant impact with
  • Important! – Under no circumstances will any refund be offered so be 100% sure you’re ready to fully commit! *


$2,495 upfront payment or 3 monthly payments of $895

Are you a current member?

If you are a current a 6-month or 12-month member you will be given a credit for any full month(s) remaining on your membership.

How can I join?

If you are interested, please apply here. Once you apply, we’ll send you a link to complete a short (informal!) video questionnaire to help me determine your suitability for the program.

Please – Do not request the questionnaire unless you are ready to start this program.

Enter your details below to apply for the VIP Program. All fields are required.

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